Xiaomi Mi CC9 will come with their own AR Stickers named Mimoji

Xiaomi Mi CC9 is a part of the new Mi CC Series of smartphones targeted towards young generation. The new series will be launching on July 2 and the leaks and some minor announcements aren’t stopping. The latest minor announcement by Xiaomi is that the Mi CC9 will come with their own AR Stickers, named Mimoji.

We have already seen several such implementations by various brands. Apple started having them with Animoji, Samsung launched their AR Emoji, Huawei has their Qmoji and Oppo has 3D Omoji. Other than these, I would say all these kinda started after having Bitmoji.

Xiaomi has already announced that the Mimoji would come with 165 different hairstyles, faces and accessories for user to choose from. Also, the Mimoji will have support for still pictures as well as video recording. Some of the sample shots which were shared can be seen below. If you want to see how the Mimoji performs with video, you can check it out here.

Also, other than the Mimoji, the Mi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition will come with an AI-powered Portrait mode with impressive low-light capabilities. And to prove this, Xiaomi has released a video comparing the selfie camera on the Mi CC9 Meitu Edition with the iPhone.

You can see that in the video shown below. In the left hand, the Xiaomi employee is holding the Mi CC9 Meitu Edition and an iPhone in the right hand.

From the looks shown in the video, it does look like that the Mi CC9 Meitu Edition has performed better than the iPhone but it’s a video released by Xiaomi. I’ll wait until I see someone else testing it or maybe, I’ll test it myself if and when I get my hands on one.

Anyways, the specifications of the device are already leaked along with the Glacier Ice White and Dark Blue Planet colour variants. Also, even the retail box of the device has been leaked. So, the only interesting thing during the launch might be the price – just like every other launch. Anyways, I’ll cover them once they’re launched.

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