Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge will top up your 4,000 mAh battery in just 13 minutes

The battery life is an important factor in deciding which smartphone one should buy. Not only the battery life, but the charging speeds are important as well. For several years, people just plugged in their devices overnight to fully charge them, Well, it seems like Vivo has found a great solution. Now, you’ll soon be able to top up your 4,000 mAh battery in just 13 minutes using Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge.

Vivo’s 120W Super FlashCharge

The charging tech has been improving a lot since last few years. At first, we had the 20W Dash Charging which dominated the charging speeds for quite some time. Later, we saw that being upgraded to the 30W Warp Charge. Also, Huawei introduced their 40W charging tech and Oppo introduced their ultra-fast 50W charging tech. Also, Xiaomi has showcased its capability to do 100W fast charging, but it hasn’t been implemented in any consumer devices yet.

To top out on Xiaomi and obviously, every other manufacturer, Vivo has revealed its new 120W Super FlashCharge which can fill half of your 4,000 mAh battery in just 5 minutes – according to the official information. Not only that, but you can fill it up completely in just 13 minutes.

The MWC Shanghai 2019 is near, and Vivo seems to have prepared several good things for the event. They might be showcasing this new charging technology along with their new 5G smartphone at this event.

It looks like the MWC Shanghai is already turning out to be a great event, even before launch.

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