Tech Today – Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more

As soon as I announced that I’ll post one article every day, things got worse. But as it was Sunday yesterday, it didn’t matter much as that was supposed to be a holiday anyways. Yes, Sunday will be holiday for these articles. Not that I won’t post anything, but this type of articles covering everything related to tech from the day in one article won’t happen. That’s because most of the companies don’t reveal anything important on Sunday. That’s all for the update related to Tech Today. Now, let’s just get back to the point and gain more knowledge about what happened today.

Today, we’ll be discussing about Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start reading together.

Samsung Galaxy M30s launching on September 18

Recently, an Android Enterprise Listing was spotted which revealed that the upcoming Samsung device – Samsung Galaxy M30s will arrive with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display. It’ll be packed with at least 4GB RAM and 64GB/128GB Internal Storage. There are rumours that the device will be powered by the Exynos 9611 but a recent Geekbench test showed that it’ll come with Exynos 9610. Now, we have a confirmation on the launch date. Samsung Galaxy M30s will be launching on September 18, 2019.

Tech Today - Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more

This can be confirmed by the Amazon India landing page for the device. The landing page also shows that one of the key features of the device will be a mammoth 6,000 mAh battery. Yes, you read it right – A six thousand mAh battery. That’s a huge battery for any device. On the back, we’ll see a triple camera setup with a 48MP primary camera. It’ll run on OneUI based on Android 9 Pie out of the box. Expected price of the device is between ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 which sounds reasonable for the entire package.

Huawei Mate 30 set to arrive on September 19

Huawei has been in the news since a while now, but it wasn’t to cover anything good for Huawei. It looks like there is still no confirmation about the future of Huawei devices, at least in America but Huawei is set to release their new flagship device this month. It has been announced that the Huawei Mate 30 Series will be launched on September 19, 2019. The launch event will be held in Munich, Germany.

Tech Today - Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more

In the announcement tweet, Huawei has also mentioned to go “full circle” which probably indicates the circular camera setup on the back. Such setup hasn’t been seen in a while and it looks refreshing, to say the least. Also, it looks more like an actual lens on the back of the device as our eyes are trained to see the camera lens in the circular shape.

No major specs of the device have been revealed or leaked yet. But it looks like we’ll be getting the new Kirin 990 chipset at the heart of the devices. This chipset isn’t revealed yet, but it is expected to be revealed at IFA 2019 – which will take place this month. The Pro variant might have the 6.7-inch OLED display and can have a support for up to 55W charging. Also, some of the rumours indicate that there will be two 40MP cameras on the back of the device – at least, for the Pro variant. The device would probably run on either Android 9 Pie or Android 10. But if things don’t go well between US and China, it might even run on Harmony OS.

Few key specs of the Realme Q revealed: It might be water resistant

Recently, there were a few leaked photos of the Realme Q and its retail box. But well, those leaks didn’t specify anything interesting. But now, we have more news to cover for the Realme Q which paints a better picture. On the inside, the device will still be powered by the Snapdragon 712 chipset and will still keep the 48MP primary rear camera. But on the outside, things might be a bit more rugged than you think. Realme Q might be water resistant and if that turns out to be true, it’ll be pretty great to have that on a midrange device.

Tech Today - Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more

In one of the poster photos, Realme promises that Realme Q can survive 100°C boiling water tests. Also, it can be seen from the poster that Realme Q is rated to survive drops from 1.8m which seems to match the MIL-STD-810G rating. Realme has also revealed that the device will come with support for 20W VOOC charging which we have seen on earlier devices as well. Realme Q is expected to be launched on September 5, which is just a couple of days away.

Oppo A9 2020 will come with Snapdragon 665 and quad camera setup

It has been a trend in the smartphone industry to add more cameras to the back. Well, this isn’t bad and now, we are on to adding four cameras on the back. Realme already did that and it looks like Oppo will be doing the same in the near future. They’ll be doing so with their upcoming Oppo A9 2020 which would probably be launched with Snapdragon 665 and quad camera setup on the back.

This can be said as the device has already made its way to the Oppo’s Vietnamese Facebook page. The image also shows that the device will come with 8GB RAM as well as 128GB Internal Storage. Also, it confirms that the primary rear camera will be a 48MP sensor. The device is expected to have a 6.5-inch HD+ display. I’m really hoping for at least a Full HD+ display after looking at the specs. But well, you never know just like you didn’t know about Mi A3 having an HD+ display.

Tech Today - Samsung Galaxy M30s, Huawei Mate 30, Realme Q and more

The camera on the front is rumoured to be a 16MP sensor tucked inside a waterdrop notch. On the other side, the quad camera will consist of 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP. If I have to guess what functionalities these would offer, I would say the 48MP will be regular lens, obviously. The 8MP sensor will either be a telephoto or a wide-angle – Most probably, it’ll be a wide angle. The first 2MP sensor will be a Macro Lens while the second 2MP sensor will be a depth sensor. The device will be running on Android 9 Pie based ColorOS 6.1. The launch of the device might be near as the specs might get old if it launches in 2020, as the name suggests.

You can now pay using UPI on Google Play Store in India

A ton of people are using UPI payments as their primary payment method in India. And it looks like Google doesn’t want to miss the train there. So, Google has started accepting UPI Payments for purchases on the Google Play Store. You can now just pay using UPI on the Google Play Store to buy apps, games, movies, etc in India.

Google Play Store Logo

Note that you need to have Google Play Store updated to the version 16.3.37 or higher in order to get this feature. If you’re already on that version or higher, just click on the Hamburger Menu in the Play Store App and click Payment Methods. You’ll see an option right there to Add a new bank account with BHIM UPI ID. Set it and you’ll be ready to go.

Well, that’s all for today’s release of Tech Today. In case you missed the last one, check it out here. Also, stay tuned for more articles like this.

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