New cases of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro confirms the design – again

The leaks and rumours are piling up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series as we are heading towards the launch. We have already seen some good quality renders of the Galaxy Note 10 as well as the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. Also, an unknown case in real life was leaked a few days ago, which provided a little confirmation of those renders. But now, official Olixar cases of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro have been listed on its site, which confirms the design again.

The cameras are now confirmed to be placed vertically on the back. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro is supposed to have a quad camera setup while the Galaxy Note 10 will feature a triple camera setup on the back.

This new leaks of the cases have also confirmed that there will be no buttons on the right as the volume and power buttons are all located on the left. If you didn’t already notice, then I would like t add that the Bixby key is absent. Yay!

Also, the case design confirms that the headphone jack will be absent as the hole which apears on the left of the USB Type-C port is just too small for fitting in a headphone jack.

The pictures which are uploaded on their site also confirms that the punch hole will be shifted to the center of the display. Also, there’s a olixar screen protecrtor on their site which has the cut-out in the center for the camera. But there’s no cut-out for the earpiece. This also confirms the leaks of Samsung ditching the earpiece on the Note 10 Series.  

New cases of Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro confirms the design - again

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series is expected to launch on August 7. We’ll probably have a complete look at the device before even it’s launched – Saying that only because we’re already seeing these leaks at a rapid pace.

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