Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro case leaked online

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series launch is still a few months away but we’re already seeing several leaks and renders. Adding to those renders, an all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro case has been leaked online, which seems to confirm several things we saw in the early renders.

I’ve already covered those renders which were leaked for the Galaxy Note 10 as well as the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. And now, it’s time for a normal silicone case that’s supposedly made for the Note 10 Pro.

The case has no cut-out for the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, and it’ll be hard to see that go from Samsung devices now. Also, it seems like the leak of the Note 10 Series having an IR Blaster might be true as the case seems to have a cut-out for that. The case design on the back confirms that the cameras would be placed vertically instead of horizontally – just like the Huawei P Series. Also, there’s an additional cut-out on the back for the LED Flash and some additional sensors – heart rate/blood pressure.

These leaks would continue until the device is launched in August, and I’ll be right here to cover them. Also, as we head towards August, there would be several confirmations about the leaks. As of now, just take all of these with a pinch of salt.


Shivang Joshi

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