Samsung Galaxy A90 might be launched under the new R-Series

Samsung had recently launched several A-Series devices. One of the most interesting devices in that series was the Samsung Galaxy A80. Earlier this year, the A80 was suspected to be the Galaxy A90, but that didn’t turn out to be true. But the leaks for the A90 continued even after the launch of the A80 which meant there was still a new device which wasn’t launched. Now, the entire A90 name has took a turn. It is now suspected that the Samsung Galaxy A90 might be launched under the new R-Series.

One of the renowned leaksters has pointed out that the Galaxy A90 which we have been hearing since quite some time now won’t even be called as the Galaxy A90. Instead, the smartphone with the model number SM-A90x which was rumoured to be named as the Galaxy A90 will be launched under the new R-Series of devices.

This will be the first device under the new R-Series and will soon be accompanied by another device. Both these devices are expected to have a triple rear camera setup, which seems to be a standard for 2019. Also, they are expected to have massive displays and one of might even have a variant with 5G support.

Samsung Galaxy A90. R-Series.

There’s one report which also claims that the device will have 45W fast charging support. That’s three times of charging power than what the current flagships already support. Not only that, it’s 20W more than the current fastest charging technology used by Samsung. But I won’t get my hopes high as this was something which was expected on the Note 10 Series of devices as well. But the new leaks show that it won’t be the case, which was disappointing.

Anyways, it looks like it’ll be an interesting device from Samsung. I’ll continue to have more coverage for this device.

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