Realme CEO shows off the Realme X50 5G in Polar colour variant

Realme revealed some great devices in 2019. Now, coming to 2020, it looks like it’ll be doing the same thing – with the first launch being of the Realme X50 5G. Some images are already revealed by the CEO of Realme which shows off Realme X50 5G in Polar colour variant.

The official announcement of the device will take place on January 7, 2020 at an event in Beijing, China. Realme’s CEO – Madhav Sheth revealed some images right before the official announcement takes place. It shows the beautiful back of the device in the Polar colour variant. Also, it shows off the quad camera setup on the back of the device.

The quad camera setup will include a 64MP Primary camera along with 8MP Ultrawide, 13MP Telephoto and a 2MP Macro. This means that all the sensors will be used to offer a different perspective rather than just sensing depth. On the front, it’ll be having a dual camera setup which will include a 32MP Primary shooter paired with an 8MP Ultrawide.

The camera setup looks interesting – on paper. Other than the quad camera setup, we can also see the back design of the Realme X50 which looks clean. It is quite similar to the Realme X2 on the back, but the front would differ as it’ll have a punch-hole display to include the dual camera setup.

At its heart, it’ll be equipped with a Snapdragon 765G chipset to enable the 5G connection through the integrated X52 modem. The Realme X50 Lite might also be announced at the same event – probably with Snapdragon 730G and no 5G. Nothing has been confirmed about the Realme X50 Lite and it’s just a guess game on my part. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

It’s not confirmed if/when this device will make its way to India. But we might to know about that soon. As soon as we do, I’ll make sure to update you with another article.


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