Pocophone F1 got cheaper. You can still buy it.

Xiaomi released the Pocophone last year and it had been doing quite well. It was already priced at a much lower rate than the competition. But since its launch, it got one price cut in December. Now, it has got another price cut. This means that the Pocophone F1 just got even cheaper.

The Pocophone F1 was priced at Rs. 20,999 when it launched. After the first price cut, it was down to Rs. 19,999. With the current price drop, the price is now dropped to Rs. 17,999 which makes a good deal even better.

It’s still unclear if this is a permanent price drop or just a temporary sale for the device. But if you want to steal this deal, you can get it either on Mi.com or Flipkart.

Pocophone F1 got cheaper

Note that the pricing mentioned above is just for the 64GB variant of the Pocophone F1. The 128GB variant will cost you Rs. 20,999 while the 256GB will cost you Rs. 27,999. The Armoured Edition still carries a price tag of Rs. 28,999, which makes it sound less lucrative.

The Pocophone F1 has the Flagship specifications of 2018. It is powered by the Snapdragon 845 and can be purchased with up to 8GB RAM variant. It has a huge notch sporting 6.18-inch Full HD+ display. The fingerprint sensor is still on the rear, and the device is equipped with a dual camera setup – 12MP + 5MP. On the front, there is a 20MP selfie camera in that huge notch. And all this hardware runs on a 4,000 mAh battery, which is good. On the OS side, it currently runs on Android 9 Pie.

All that said, such price drops are indicating that the Pocophone F2 – or let’s say the Poco F2 might be right around the corner. But nothing can be said about the Pocophone F2 yet.

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