Oppo shows off the device with under-display camera technology

Oppo is one of the leading manufacturers which is continuously innovating to overcome design issues for the future to the all-screen devices. As I covered earlier, Oppo is ready to showcase their all-screen device with the under-display camera technology to the world. They are supposed to showcase in the MWC Shanghai 2019. But it seems like they couldn’t resist themselves – just like me. So, Oppo has revealed a promo video which shows off the device with under-display camera technology.

It’s a short 15-second video clip which revels the design of the smartphone being almost all screen on the front. Not only that, but it also shows what all types of technology we had to go through for reaching a stage of this all-screen display.

Oppo under display camera technology

From a video posted by Oppo on Twitter, we already know that through this technology, it is possible to click selfies when you’re in the camera app. During the rest of the time, the camera stays off and we can see the pixels light up to give us that beautiful display without any punch holes or notches. Through these promo videos, it looks like the part around the under-display camera will light up while taking selfies. This is to let the person know where to look instead of just searching for the place to look.

Oppo will be showcasing the prototype unit with under-display camera technology at MWC Shanghai 2019, which isn’t far away. The event will start at 2PM local time on June 26. As soon as it’s revealed, I’ll make sure to cover it.


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