OnePlus Concept One – Invisible Camera – Is that it?

OnePlus first announced about the Concept One in the second half of the December. They revealed that it was going to be revealed at CES 2020. All that was known at that time was just that it was going to have “Alternate Design” and “Alternate Future”. This led into several people and publications in to believing that it was going to be a foldable device. But today, we’ve more information about the OnePlus Concept One which reveals that the device will have an invisible camera. But is that it?

OnePlus has published a small video teaser which reveals that the Concept One will have a unique disappearing camera. This is made possible with the help of latest colour-shifting glass technology. Even though electrochromic glasses are being used since several years now, it is the first time they are being used in smartphones. This enables camera module to turn black while the camera is not being used.

Also, some concept drawings of the device were revealed on an article by Wired. This drawing shows the sketch of the OnePlus Concept One’s back. When we take a close look at the sketch, we can see that there dotted lines on both sides of the camera module which extends further till the bottom of the device. Well, these aren’t just any lines. This might be indicative of the stitched part of the leather back.

OnePlus Concept One Invisible Camera

Also, you can note that the camera bump doesn’t exist on the Concept One – which is a welcomed change. But was it necessary to have this invisible camera? That’s another story to talk about. Note that the thickness of the device was increased by just 1/10th of a millimetre to achieve this. So, achieving it without invisible glass shouldn’t be that difficult.

In case you didn’t already know, McLaren is involved in this. It can be seen in the design of the device as well as the electrochromic glass used for the camera part. The technology is similar to what is used in the $300,000 McLaren. However, do you know that it’s available in cheaper cars as well? My car has an electrochromic inner rear-view mirror which automatically dims when several lights hit it at night. And well, my car isn’t a $300,000 McLaren. It’s way cheaper than that.

OnePlus Concept One Invisible Camera

I’m not saying that it’s not revolutionary or anything like that. It’s great that OnePlus became the first manufacturer to use this technology in the smartphones. But the technology has been in existence since a long time. Also, another question which comes to my mind is the price – if this device will be sold – even in limited quantities. Will it cost a boatload to get this device just because McLaren is attached with this? Or is there more to the device?

Well, we might get some answers in the nearby future – January 7, 2020. Also, it will be interesting to see the use cases of this glass other than just hiding the camera when not in use. Because if this is the only thing on the Concept One, then it’s a tough sell to me. It’s Concept. It’s Revolutionary. But is it? Let me know in the comments what you feel about this device.

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