Mi.com now offers “Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery” in over 150 cities

Xiaomi India’s Chief Manu Kumar Jain recently revealed that Xiaomi’s own store, Mi.com now offers “Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery” service in over 150 cities across India. This is company’s Express Delivery Service; which customers can avail at a minimal fee of Rs. 49.

Manu Kumar Jain’s recent tweet confirmed that this Express Delivery Service is applicable over 90 products available on the Mi.com website across 150 cities in India. If one wants to avail this service, they should place their orders before 3PM.

Well, the leading e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart are already offering fast delivery options to the customers since quite some time now. That was one of the reasons why people preferred ordering through these E-commerce giants rather than ordering from the Xiaomi’s store, Mi.com.

Xiaomi started rolling out the Express Delivery Service last year, in February. It started in Bengaluru but has now expanded to over 150 cities across India. It is worth noting that this service didn’t cost anything for the Bengaluru customers, but would now cost Rs. 49 for everyone who wants to avail this service. To avail this Express Delivery Service in Bengaluru, the orders must be placed between 9AM and 4:30PM.

It would be interesting to see if more customers start availing Mi.com’s “Guaranteed Next-Day Delivery” Service which is available in over 150 cities or stick to their Amazon Prime or Flipkart Plus Services, which they have already paid for and are available in more cities.


Shivang Joshi

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