Jony Ive is starting his own company and leaving Apple

Apple has been a company whose designs are being followed by several other manufacturers. But now, you might soon be able to make your own designs through the Designer of Apple devices. That’s because Jony Ive is starting his own company and leaving Apple.

Jony Ive has been the designer of some of the most iconic designs of the iPhone, iPod and the Mac. But after over two decades of working at Cupertino, he has decided to leave Apple. But it can be said that he is leaving Apple for good. He is preparing to start his own creative agency, named LoveFrom. And even though he is leaving Apple, he’ll still be working with them (not for them) as Apple will be the first client of LoveFrom.

Jony Ive is starting his own company and leaving Apple

Jonathan Paul Ive (Yes, that’s his full name) will have no immediate replacement in Apple. He just said “This just seems like a natural and gentle time to make this change” while speaking of his departure. And that does seem right. Now that he is leaving Apple and forming his own company, he can now work with several other brands and help them in designing a better device. Making this change would make him limitless with the opportunities he can get.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has also commented on this situation. He said that the group of in-house designers for Apple is the strongest it has ever been. Also, he added that the company will continue to work with Ive, just on different terms.

As much as you might hate the leaks of the iPhone XI, it is pretty much seen that Jony Ive’s design just takes over the entire industry. So, this might be a good chance for companies (*cough* Google *cough*) to improve their designs with the help of someone who is highly specialised in that.


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