Huawei Oak OS will be released soon

Huawei has been releasing some great Android devices since last few years now. But recently, it has been stuck between the US-China trade war. Due to this, Google had to cut ties with Huawei following the orders from the US government. So, Huawei cannot use the Android officially on their upcoming devices. Because of that, they are forced to make a new OS, which would be named as the Huawei Oak OS.

Huawei Oak OS will be released soon

It is expected that Huawei would be releasing their new OS in August or September. It’ll be named as HongMeng OS in China and Oak OS in all other regions. This new OS would also be equipped with its own App Store and would be potentially be able to run Android Apps.

The release in August sounds reasonable as the 90-day relief period given to Huawei also ends in August. Once the period ends, Huawei won’t have any official access to Android OS or Services from Google. Due to this, the company is focusing on its own Oak OS and trying to eradicate all the bugs before final release.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Huawei Oak OS turns out as a competitor to Android. Maybe, Huawei would be removed from the entity list altogether, or maybe they’ll get an exemption to work with some companies.


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