Google Search Console is down

Google offers several services. Recently, we saw that one of their service, Google Calendar was down. And now, it looks like the Google Search Console is down.

Well, not the entire Search Console – but just a part of that. Specifically speaking, the Coverage Section of the Google Search Console seems to be down. Rest of sections look like they’re still being updated. The coverage section of the Search Console was last updated on June 15, which is about 8 days ago. This is much more than the expected timeline.

Google Search Console is down
Both sites showing the same thing

This isn’t the first time the Search Console data is being delayed from updating. A quick search on Google led me to several pages which have covered about Google Console being down earlier. This time though, I haven’t seen anyone report it. But I can say that it’s being delayed after checking on my two different sites which are registered on the Search Console – One being my portfolio and the second being this site itself.

It looks the Google Indexing Bug isn’t fixed yet. I can’t confirm if this is the issue with all other sites as well, but I can confirm it on my end. If you have noticed it for your site as well, just let me know in the comments below.

Shivang Joshi

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