Download links of Android 10 update available for Samsung Galaxy S10

Yesterday, we saw that Samsung had released a roadmap for Android 10 update for its devices in India. And soon after that, we saw the report of some Galaxy S10 devices getting the Android 10 update in Germany. The initial report only included those devices which were enrolled in Android 10 Beta. But later on, it was confirmed that all the S10 devices in the country were receiving this update. Now, the download links for the Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy S10 is also available.

As per the reports, the users in Germany have started receiving these updates. The ones who weren’t enrolled in the Beta program received the Android 10 update along with the December security patch having a total size of just over 1.9GB. And those who were enrolled in Beta program got the same update which was just over 140MB in size.

download android 10 update samsung galaxy s10

Well, German users have started getting this update and it might soon rollout globally if there are no major issues found in the initial rollout. But if you are someone who cannot wait for the update, SamMobile have the firmwares for S10e, S10 and S10+ ready to be downloaded through their repository. They also have the steps for installation to make the process easy for you.

Note that this firmware will have to be manually installed on your device. So, if you are unaware about the risks involved in doing so, you shouldn’t do it. Even if you think o taking the risk, make sure you have all your data backed up in case anything goes wrong.


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