In-display fingerprint sensors will be coming soon to the Budget to Mid-range devices

A few years ago, In-display fingerprint sensors felt unreal. And soon after that, we – the humans cracked the technology and were able to embed a fingerprint sensor under the display. But there was a constraint i.e. It can only be implemented under the OLED displays. That means that it can only be implemented inside the higher priced devices – usually flagships and some upper mid-range devices. But now, with the latest development, In-display fingerprint sensors will be coming soon to the Budget to Mid-range devices.

It means that this technology won’t just be limited to the much more expensive devices. Also, it means that soon – smartphone manufacturers will be able to implement this technology under the LCD displays. This can be said as the Chinese display manufacturer BOE revealed that they have successfully completed the installation of the optical in-display fingerprint scanner under the regular LCD panel. Earlier, it was due to the nature of the LCD Panel, that additional backlight layer and the thickness of the panels that smartphone manufacturers couldn’t implement this technology.

But it seems like BOE has overcome these issues. Recently, it was confirmed that Fortsense and AU Optronics were working on making the In-display fingerprint scanner work for LCD displays. But nothing has been heard from them yet.

On the other hand, BOE already promises to start mass-production of the In-display fingerprint scanner compatible LCD displays by the end of 2019. That means we can expect the budget and midrange devices to start adopting this feature by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

If that happens earlier or if there are any new developments about this, I’ll make sure to let you all know about the same.


Shivang Joshi

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