Apple iPad Pro will face no competition as Google stops making tablets

There has already been a lack of competition for the Apple iPad Pro since it launched. But now the Apple iPad Pro will face no competition as Google stops making tablets.

Last year, Google released the Pixel Slate along with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It ran on Google’s Chrome OS, which was okay-ish for the tablet. Overall, the Pixel Slate wasn’t received very well by the tech community as it wasn’t performing well even though it had a higher price tag. But this same tech community has been expecting to make more and better tablets and compete with Apple iPad Pro.

Unfortunately, all those hopes are crushed as Google is now officially giving up on tablets. The Google Pixel Slate remains as the last tablet which Google made till date. That was confirmed when the two tablets which were in development were cancelled by Google.

Well, even though they are ending their journey with the tablets, they are still focused on making Chrome OS work for laptops. There are chances of a new Pixelbook being launched along side the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL, later this year.

Google stops making tablets. Apple iPad Pro face no competition.

The existing owners of the Pixel Slate need not worry about their devices yet as Google is still committed to support the existing Pixel Slate till June 2024.

It would have been great if Google continued to make some tablets which can actually compete with the Apple iPad Pro. More competition would have meant better products for the end consumer. But I can understand why Google did what it did. The hardware devices from Google aren’t making much sales. So, they had to cut down on a few – as of now.

I’m still rooting for them to be back in the tablet category in the upcoming years, and hoping that they’ve just cancelled it for getting the time to come out with better products.

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