Hello, I’m Shivang Joshi or let’s say theimagefreak. I’m here starting this theimagefreak Blogs in 2019. I would say that I’m Tech Enthusiast, Content Creator, Tech Blogger, Product Tester and a Versatile Photographer, who loves to shoot Products.

Tech Enthusiast – I would define myself as one as I love to try, buy and test out the new tech products.

Content Creator – Yes, I create content – on this Blogs as well as on Instagram.

Tech Blogger – As you’re here reading this, I’m pretty sure you know why I would call myself that.

Product Tester – No, I’m not talking about testing the final products and writing reviews for them. I’m a product tester and I have tested Prototypes and provided feedback to improve the products before making it to the final production line.

Versatile Photographer – Yes, I’m a versatile photographer. I shoot Products, Portraits and Wildlife. Mostly, it’s Products – but I like to diversify the content I shoot. You can check out my Instagram Profile or My Portfolio to see that.

You might be wondering about the name of the blogs. So, let’s discuss why “theimagefreak Blogs” name was selected. Well, it wasn’t as simple as you would’ve thought. I started an Instagram Profile about 2 years ago with the name of “photography__sj” and that remained the same for about 1.5 years. But after that I thought it was the time to change the name to something more professional. And then, while I was searching out and trying to find some username which fits well with my content, “theimagefreak” was the username which was available, and it did fit well with my content as well. I wanted the name across several platforms to be similar, and this username was able to do that for me. So, that’s the short version of the story there.

I’m pretty sure that you would like the content here, which would be related to Tech and Photography. Hope to see you more, right here.